life rattle show no. 1242

Presented on THURSDAY, february 7, 2013


Hosted by laurie kallis


"Cash Three"
"Garbage Man"

by Sami Karaman

tonight's Show

Tonight's show features three stories by new Life Rattle Writer Sami Karaman.

Sami Karaman was born in Ottawa in 1991 to parents of Jordanian decent. He has an older brother and sister. Sami and his family moved to Mississauga, where he now studies communication and professional writing. Although born in Ottawa, Sami takes pride in being a diehard Toronto Maple Leafs fan. Sami Karaman loves to play acoustic guitar and smoke the occasional cigar.

Sami is a very, very funny writer. His humour is not laugh out funny but subtle, rather observational and often situational. Sami has a unique, distinct, almost casual voice, and he provides the same for the people he writes about, capturing their personalities through character-driven dialogue. Many of his stories, especially the three we will feature on next week's program, are almost Seinfeldesque—seemingly about nothing but really about everything, including issues of identity and a young man’s place in the world as he sets out for adulthood.

In tonight’s first story, our writer lies in bed and prepares himself for his shift at a job he hates—and, as we learn, perhaps for good reason.

Our second story is about unreciprocated longing as Sami picks up a female friend at her home and they go for an aimless drive.

Family dynamics, particularly between siblings and between a father and son, is the focus of our final story tonight.