life rattle show no. 1284

Presented on THURSDAY, November 28, 2013


Hosted by laurie kallis


"Bacon and a Pair"

by Laura Lush


tonight's Show

Tonight’s program, Life Rattle Number 1284, features two stories by new Life Rattle writer Laura Lush.

Laura Lush is a poet who recently returned to prose—one noun and one verb at a time. Passionate about rural life, Laura wrote an arts-informed thesis about the tearing down of her father’s barns in Owen Sound, Ontario, as part of her M.A. Laura Lush lives with her son, Jack, in Guelph, and commutes to Toronto, where she teaches academic English and creative writing.

The two stories featured on tonight’s program are quite distinct from each other. Laura demonstrates her expertise with the written word in each.

In "Bacon and a Pair" two sisters and a friend, fresh out of high school, travel west to experience living and working in Banff, Alberta. Nestled in the glorious Rocky Mountains, they find a job slinging breakfast at a restaurant with a dangerously wacko chef.

In "Fishflies" Laura brings her poetic artistry to prose as she weaves two story threads—one of a young son, suddenly terrified by fishflies, particularly numerous that summer, and one of his mother, terrified of the cancer diagnosis she receives—into one haunting story that will bring you to your knees.

We have held back one of Laura Lush’s stories for next year’s Father’s Day program…tune in this coming June to hear "A Man and a Dog," an incredible tribute to a father’s life.