life rattle show no. 1257

Presented on THURSDAY, may 23, 2013


Hosted by laurie kallis


"Zig Zag Zoo"
"Panty Bar"
"Good Practice"

by Bailey Green

tonight's Show

Tonight, on Life Rattle Number 1257, we present four stories by new Life Rattle writer Bailey Green.

Bailey Green was born in Montreal, Quebec, in 1990. She grew up in St. Lazare, Quebec, a small town just west of the Island of Montreal. Her parents are both of Scottish origin. Her mother was a stay at-home-mom, and her father a sales manager in the packaging industry.

Growing up anglophone in La Belle Province, Bailey learned to speak French fluently. Bailey had a happy childhood, spending her summers up at the family’s cottage on Lake Louisa reading, swimming, going for boat rides and picking blueberries with her younger brother Trevor.

When she was in her teens, her father unexpectedly lost his job. Her family underwent a huge change as her mother trained to become a yoga teacher to help support the family and her father started his own photography business. Their strength and love inspired Bailey to chase her dreams. After completing college, where she studied professional theatre acting, Bailey was accepted into university and now lives in Mississauga where she continues to study her craft and pursures pursues a career as a professional actor, amateur model, passionate writer and part-time lifeguard. Bailey Green is also, she tells us, a TV addict, ex-smoker and die-hard sci-fi fan—though I can’t imagine where she would find the time.

Tonight, we begin a series of work tales, set in Quebec, and told from the viewpoint of a student who juggles school, boyfriends and minimum-wage jobs with a great deal of wry wit and sass.

Our first story, "Zig Zag Zoo," slips us to the head of the line and inside the entry gates of a raucous family fun centre.

Our second story, "Panty Bar," moves us into the world of retail work, and will, probably for the first time, have you considering the finesse involved in presenting lacey lingerie to the consumer.

After being introduced to our narrator’s folding prowess, we can be doubly skeptical of the judgement of the store manager in Bailey Green’s third story tonight, “Fired.”

Tonight's final story, "Good Practice," finishes off our program with a story that focuses on another challenge of working retail: the difficult customer.

Please note: tonight’s stories, written for and about adults, include language that some listeners may find offensive. Parental discretion is advised.