life rattle show no. 1282

Presented on THURSDAY, November 14, 2013


Hosted by John Dunford


"Like Fifth-Period French"
"Bark Lake"
"St. Laurent"
"Broken Mirror"

by Vincent Gao


tonight's Show

Tonight’s program, Life Rattle Number 1282, features stories by new Life Rattle writer Vincent Gao.

Vincent Yue Gao was born in 1989 in Shengyang, China. At age ten, he and his family moved to Hamilton, Ontario. Vince always enjoyed exploring new surroundings and learning new things, but hates being a tourist and never grew too fond of academic institutions. After completing university this past summer, Vince packed his car and drove out to Nova Scotia. Since setting out, he has worked on an organic farm, renovated an old house, worked as a delivery driver, washed dishes in a restaurant and moved into a house full of artists and musicians and students and activists in downtown Halifax.

Vincent Gao appreciates the uncertainty of life and the possibilities that accompany it. By the time this bio is read and heard, it will probably be outdated.

Vincent Gao, one of the writers who you can hear at next week’s 20th Annual Totally Unknown Writers Festival at the Rivoli, writes minimally, wasting few words. His stories, which tend to be short yet substantive, feel emotionally spacious.

In tonight’s first story, "Like Fifth-Period French," a summer camp counsellor learns of the sometimes profound impact he has on his charges.

The next three stories, "Bark Lake," "St. Laurent" and "Elsie" all seemingly relate to the narrator’s jobs – at two seniors’ centres and a summer camp – but, reading between the lines, they actually say more about the young man, his state of mind and his personal life than they do about his work.

In tonight's final story, "Broken Mirror," a young man’s anger and frustration is directed at his parents.

Please note: tonight’s stories include language that some listeners might find offensive. Parental discretion is advised.