The twentieth annual Totally Unknown Writers Festival 2013


John Currie (1997 Festival Reader) introducing Niall Carson
Laurel Waterman (2009 Festival reader)
introducing Anna Li
Anna Konareva (2012 Festival reader) introducing Vincent Yue Gao.
The 2013 Totally Unknown Writers Festival
was supported by the Toronto Arts Council.

This year’s readers and their families come from China, England, Finland, Hong Kong, India, Ireland, Italy, Serbia, Ukraine and, of course, Canada.

Every story read at the festival, is published in our annual anthology,
The Totally Unknown Writers Festival 2013: Stories.

Mitchell Pateman reading "Roll It Up"

Four friends embark on a beer run after a night of partying in the wilds of northern Ontario. Their absurd human reactions in a perilous situation deliver sparks of unexpected humour.

Raja Asimi reading"Tweety"

A young boy is challenged when an older boy, who his mother babysits after school, manipulates him into a course of action involving a family pet that he will later regret.

Sami Karaman reading an excerpt from "Counting Time"
Three young men sit around in their “batcave” partaking in a sometimes absurd exchange when a card trick sparks a conversation shift to their futures.
Anna Li reading "Little Bird"
The unflinching calm of a young girl, confined to the floor of the bathroom as her mother rages through the house, is as chilling as the violence that takes place outside the door.
Andrew Ihamaki reading "Yellow"
An adolescent boy at a school dance wears his awkwardness and intense emotions on his sleeve as he dances with his secret crush.
Reade Domazar reading "Valkyrie vs. Busybody"
A brilliant account of coitus interruptus with a larger-than-life delivery.
Niall Carson reading "The Wedding"
When a young man and his father travel to Dublin, Ireland, to attend a family wedding, old family skeletons and long standing tensions haunt the festivities.
Belinda Grimaudo Grayburn reading "Letting Go"
A breathtaking and devastating account of the winding down of a human life.
Vincent Gao reading "Broken Mirror"
A young man’s frustration with parental control comes to a head when he and his father come to a standoff atop a hill in a city park that was once a landfill site.
Kiranjyot Chattha reads "Lights Out"
During an all-too-brief power outage, the members of a family are forced to give up their usual isolated activities and come together to share a meal and pass time.

Guy Allen, Life Rattle cofounder opening the evening.

  Michael Dzingala (2012 Festival reader) introducing Sami Karaman
Virginia Ashberry (2001 Festival reader and radio host) introducing Kiranjyot Chattha   Victoria Martinez (2000 Festival reader) introducing Raja Asimi
Zeenat Mohamed (2012 Festival reader)
introducing Belinda Grimaudo Grayburn
  Robert Price (2005 Festival reader) introducing Andrew Ihamaki
Guy Allen working out his introduction   Two Festival Regulars