The Totally Unknown Writers Festival 2013: Stories


This year's festival anthology includes the ten stories read at the 2013 Totally Unknown Writers Festival, and one selection from each writer featured on the Life Radio Radio Podcasts in the 2013 season. Including:

Samantha Ashenhurst “Green Beans and Barbie Dolls”
Raj Asimi
Rory Bourgeois
“Small Talk”
Niall Carson
“The Wedding”
Kiranjyot Chattha
“Lights Out”
Reade Domazar
“Valkyrie vs. Busybody”
Rowan El Shabassy
Sebastien Franks
“Scrabble + Alcohol = Trouble"
Vincent Gao “Broken Mirror”
Morgan Goodwin "Fridays"
Belinda Grayburn “Letting Go”
Bailey Green
Andrew Ihamaki
Meera Jayarajan “The Unit”
Sami Karaman
“Counting Time”
Anna Li “Little Bird”
Tyler McLaren
Gabriel Miceli "Snowy Night in the City"
Mitchell Pateman
“Roll it Up”
Nikita Pchelin
"Disturbing the Universe"
Sara Peters “The Rabbit”
Bobby Popovic “Thin Walls”
Christie Rodenburg “Calf Bully”
Lauren Tashiro
“Away Game”

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Life Rattle Press New Writers Series

ISBN 978-1-927023-61-7