The Totally Unknown Writers Festival 1997

The Sixth Annual Totally Unkown Writers Festival, held on October 21, 1997 at The Rivoli in Toronto featured:

Bernice Clarke reading "When the Knife Turned Red"
John Currie reading "Mortal Fear"
Candace Davis reading "Chicken Thieves"
Jane Gilman reading "You Catch More Flies with Honey"
Denny Hunte reading "The Home Visit"
Laurie Kallis reading "Bow and Arrow"
Evelyn Lin reading "Daniel"
Nada Macesic reading "29 Carnation Avenue"
Joyce Ong reading "Two Hard Years"
Laura Snider reading "The D-Monster"
Kelly Thompson reading "Indian Summer"

These stories are published in The Totally Unknown Writers Festival 1997: Stories