The Totally Unknown Writers Festival 1997: Stories


The eleven stories read at the 1997 Totally Unknown Writers Festival, including: Bernice Clarke’s "When the Knife Turned Red," a deadly account of sibling rivalry and a Jamaican childhood.

John Currie’s "Mortal Fear" traces the demise of a heavy metal band as two of its members become more interested in crack cocaine than music.

Evelyn Lin’s "Daniel" tells of a hellish marriage to an insanely jealous husband.

Denny Hunte’s "The Home Visit" reports a welfare worker’s home visit and a sad case of mistaken identity.

Candace Davis’ "Chicken Thieves" gives a funny account of students who rally to rescue baby chicks meant to feed the classroom python.


Bernice Clarke

"When the Knife Turned Red"


John Currie

"Mortal Fear"


Candace Davis

"Chicken Thieves"


Jane Gilman

"You Catch More Flies with Honey"


Denny Hunte

"The Home Visit"


Laurie Kallis

"Bow and Arrow"


Evelyn Lin



Nada Macesic

"29 Carnation Avenue"


Joyce Ong

"Two Hard Years"


Laura Snider

"The D-Monster"


Kelly Thompson

"Indian Summer"


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