life rattle show no. 1287

Presented on THURSDAY, December 19, 2013


Hosted by John Dunford


"The Disappearing Boy"
"Red Meat"
by Phoebe Lau


by Ashika Huq


tonight's Show

Life Rattle Program Number 1287, features stories by two new Life Rattle writers: Phoebe Lau and Ashika Huq.

Phoebe Lau's stories start off simple enough – and then, before you know it, they aren’t. Her writing is straightforward, her sentences declarative, and together with her word choice and turns of phrase, Phoebe Lau’s writing feels almost mystical, magical and contemplative.

In "The Disappearing Boy," a young girl in grade six can’t figure out why school officials never do anything when a classmate continually takes off at recess and doesn’t return to school.

In "Red Meat," a granddaughter listens to her elderly grandmother and aunt have a confrontation at a new restaurant over the choice of dinner.


Ashika Huq allows the details to show the bigger picture. She sticks to description to allow the bigger meaning to emerge.

In "Protection," a teenage girl listens as her parents berate her brother over something they have found in his bedroom.
For tonight’s program, Ashika’s story will be read by Laurie Kallis.


Author Bios

Phoebe Lau, was born in 1992, the oldest of two raised in the unassuming suburbs of Mississauga, Ontario. Her father is a Presbyterian reverend and her mother a nurse, both immigrants to Canada from Hong Kong. They met at a church choir practice. Her home was quiet, orderly, and book-filled. She grew up on oolong tea, dumplings and various writings by C.S. Lewis.

Between 2011 and 2013, Phoebe spent twelve weeks in Kolkata where she fell in love with the aggressive hospitality renowned of West Bengali culture, and the relentless nature the city has to offer. Phoebe is currently studying to pursue art therapy, melding her love for counselling and the arts. Apart from art-making and reading, Phoebe has a penchant for writing letters. She is also learning how not to over-glorify busyness, to hold things loosely, and how to be okay with not being okay.

Ashika Huq,was born in Calcutta, India, in 1989. Ashika, her twin brothers and parents moved into a quaint home in Canada when she was four years old. The three siblings were inseparable. They would spend countless hours in the basement making funny home videos of them dancing, telling jokes, or making short movies. When Ashika was seventeen, she entered a few community film festivals and won first place. She is currently doing her Master’s in Film Production and continues to make funny home videos with her younger brothers.