life rattle show no. 1277

Presented on THURSDAY, October 10, 2013


Hosted by laurie kallis


"Roll It Up"
"A Frigid Tale"
"The Mullet"

by Mitchell Pateman

tonight's Show

Tonight’s show, Life Rattle Number 1277, features three stories by new Life Rattle writer Mitchell Pateman.

Mitchell Pateman, a 90’s baby, was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba, and raised in Dryden, a small town in Northwestern Ontario. From a young age, Mitchell was influenced by his family and friends to enjoy and respect nature and wildlife. Whether it is fishing, camping, waterskiing, dirtbiking, or snowmobiling, Mitchell is always active and always outdoors. At the age of seventeen, Mitchell moved to Mississauga to study. Mitchell Pateman graduated from university in June 2013, since then, he has backpacked across Europe, relocated to Toronto, continued writing creative non-fiction stories, and finally found some time to strap on the chest waders and go fishing.

The series of stories you will hear tonight could easily be entitled “The Adventures of Mitchell Pateman.” Every story shouts adventure. Both the narrator, and Pateman’s prose, are charged with vigour and vitality.

Tonight’s first story, "Roll It Up," explores two methods of “rolling it up” in the wilds of northern Ontario. When three friends embark on a beer run after a night of partying things go awry. Their almost absurd human reactions in a perilous situation deliver sparks of unexpected humour.

In tonight's second story, "A Frigid Tale," we see of both the excitement and the danger of fun in the water, and a more serious side of our narrator and friends.

Our narrator is quite a bit younger in tonight's final story, "The Mullet." Out and about with friends, on another sort of adventure, he learns of the benefits of “not inhaling,” and of keeping track of your appointments.

Please note: tonight’s stories, written for and about adults, include language that some listeners may find offensive. Parental discretion is advised.