life rattle show no. 1285

Presented on THURSDAY, December 5, 2013


Hosted by Virginia Ashberry


"My Brother's Death"

by Juan Alas


tonight's life rattle classic Show

Tonight’s program, Life Rattle Number 1285, features two classic stories by Juan Alas.

Juan Alas was born in 1954 in a small, remote village in northern El Salvador near the Honduran border. The family lived off the land like the rest of the country people in El Salvador. The village of Las Vueltas, where Juan Alas grew up, was one of the poorest in the region.

Juan Alas has written a series of stories about the Civil War in El Salvador in the early 1980's. He gives us details of horror and fear, death and dislocation, with his personal and emotion filled prose. This is the true human story of conflict, not the politics.

Politics are always the same, whether it is Vietnam, Syria or in this case, El Salvador. What resonates, chills and brings it home, are the individual experiences of fear and loss.

In tonight's first story, "My Brother's Death," Alas shows the undercurrent of violence and terror creeping into the daily lives of the Salvadorian people after civil war erupted in 1980.

Tonight's second story, "Belize," takes us with the Alas family as they flee into Belize as refugees.

Please note: tonight’s stories include intense situations that some listeners might find disturbing. Parental discretion is advised.