life rattle show no. 1263

Presented on THURSDAY, juLY 4, 2013


Hosted by Virginia Ashberry


"Do You Like Me"
"Which Side Are You On"
by Fuad Ahmed

tonight's Show

Life Rattle Number 1263, features three classics from the Life Rattle archive, by Fuad Ahmed.

Fuad Ahmed was born the younger of two boys in 1982 in Karachi Pakistan. His Father is a business man and his mother is an artist. Fuad’s family moved to Hong Kong shortly after his birth. They Lived in Hong Kong for six years, then three years in Taiwan and three years in Thailand and then three years in Atlanta, finaly the family moved to Toronto when Fuad was in Grade 9. Fuad went on to attend U of T studying Biology, Psychology and Professional Writing.

After working in the science industry for a few years, he decided to pursue an acting career under the stage name Gabriel Grey, and by all accounts, he is doing well in his new career.

Fuad Ahmed will drop us into three stages of his early life tonight. Each story progresses us through innocence into adulthood with all the chipping away of the simplicity we start with, right on to the inevitable sadness of aging decline. Fuad’s prose is honest in its voice and with just a few subtle devices, we are brought completely into the moment he seeks to explore.