life rattle show no. 1244

Presented on THURSDAY, february 21, 2013


Hosted by laurie kallis


"Cat's Cry"

by Raj Asimi

tonight's Show

Tonight's show features two stories by new Life Rattle Writer Raj Asimi.

Raj Asimi was born in 1988 and seduced by literature not long afterward. He travels to unfamiliar places and draws inspiration from the moon, the sun and Seven Seas. Raj enjoys reading the timeless writings of the greats.

In his writing, especially his stories written from a child’s viewpoint, Raj delivers exceptionally telling details and then grants the reader, or listener, space to come to our own understanding of the situation. He trusts us, to listen sharply, and to utilize the building blocks he offers to create the full picture.

In tonight’s first story, "Cat's Cry," a parent shields the children she is caring for from a devastating reality. The heartbreak of what is happening outside of her curtain of protection sneaks up on you.

Our final story tonight. "Tweety," is a provocative piece that will challenge listeners just as our young narrator is challenged when an older boy who his mother babysits after school manipulates him into actions he will later regret.