life rattle show no. 1280

Presented on THURSDAY, October 31, 2013


Hosted by laurie kallis


"Dusty Grins"
"The Rabbit"

by Sara Peters

tonight's Show

On tonight’s program, Life Rattle Number 1280, we feature two stories by new Life Rattle writer Sara Peters.

Sara Peters was born in 1992, in London, Ontario, where she grew up with five brothers, one sister, three-and-a-half parents and a cat. After high school, Sara moved to The Big Smoke to pursue her studies at university. In her spare time, Sara writes plays, writes, plays, and walks around expensive home décor stores thinking about how she would decorate her home if she weren’t a poor student. Sara Peters is thankful for cheap wine, good jokes and Joni Mitchell.

Sara is a beautiful writer. Her eloquent prose conjures an almost tangible atmosphere, and imparts each character with the breath of life. With distinct dialogue and carefully chosen details, Sara develops individuals you would recognize on the street.

In tonight’s first story, “Dusty Grins,” our narrator is introduced to an unconventional lifestyle when a friend invites her to a sleepover at the home of her genius, artistic father.

Tonight’s second story, "The Rabbit," is a brilliant portrayal of gifted young man. Theatrical and dramatic, with an unsettling undercurrent, this story is especially fitting to play tonight, on All Hallow’s Eve.