life rattle show no. 1245

Presented on THURSDAY, february 28, 2013


Hosted by laurie kallis


"Red Ass"
"Fast Food"

by Raj Asimi

tonight's Show

Tonight, on Life Rattle Number 1245, we present two more new stories written and read by Life Rattle writer Raj Asimi.

Raj Asimi was born in 1988 and seduced by literature not long afterward. He travels to unfamiliar places and draws inspiration from the moon, the sun and Seven Seas. Raj Asimi enjoys reading the timeless writings of the greats.

The exceptional observations in Asimi’s writing grants readers, or listeners, the space to come to our own understanding of the situation. He trusts us to listen sharply, and to arrange the details he offers to create our own panorama.

Tonight’s first story, "Red Ass," takes us into the world of a boy, rough-housing with his buddies, then catching a magic moment when they manage to slip out of the confines of their school.

In "Fast Food," tonight’s second story, we join our narrator on a late night venture into the unexpected wilderness of Brampton.