2012 Life rattle Radio Program listings.

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Jan 1 Laurie Kallis Donna Kakonge "Three Quarters"
Jan 8 Virginia Ashberry Sultan Ameerali

"Night Shift at BK Variety"
"Sky Dome: Death of a Thousand Cuts"
"You Got a Hairy Back"

Jan 15 Virginia Ashberry Sultan Ameerali "Crap Lobby"
Jan 22 Virginia Ashberry Sultan Ameerali "One Night in a Basement Apartment"
Jan 29 Virginia Ashberry Aleisa Faherty "Witch Hazel"
"Cold and Bored"
Feb 5 Virginia Ashberry Denise Clarke "Marci-Pooh"
Feb 12 Virginia Ashberry Chinedu Ukabam "Black Boy"
Feb 19 Laurie Kallis Donna Kakonge "Matoke"
"Excerpts from Only My Voice"
Feb 26 Laurie Kallis Kwanza Msingwana "Don't Let Me Perish a Stranger"
Mar 4 Laurie Kallis Aline Burke "Jackpot"
"Terre de Cain Vignettes"
Mar 11 Laurie Kallis Kate Scroggie

"Big Potatoes"
"Pink Chevette"

Mar 18 Laurie Kallis Kate Scroggie "The Date"
Mar 25 Victoria Martinez Monique Nadeau Massabki "Red Rose"
"Mamere Rosa"
"The Break Up"
Apr 1 Virginia Ashberry Maria Lausmaa


Apr 8 Virginia Ashberry Rocco Racco "Alone"
"Study Time"
Apr 15 Virginia Ashberry Rocco Racco "Reciting the Times Tables"
Apr 22 Laurie Kallis Martha Maclachlan "Radio Caravan"
April 29 Laurie Kallis Martha Maclachlan "Dreaming"
      Kathy Barney "Our Toronto"
May 6 Laurie Kallis Sara Middleton "Piss, Red, and Kayla"
"Greensides Farm"
May 13 Laurie Kallis Sara Middleton "The Lucky Dice"
"Eva Wilkens"
May 20 Virginia Ashberry Sonia Dhaliwal

"The Sales Objective"
"Double Booking"

May 27 Virginia Ashberry Sonia Dhaliwal "Republica Socialista Romania"
June 3 Laurie Kallis Adam Giles "Opa"
June 10 Laurie Kallis Anna Konareva "Strawberry Champagne"
"Trains, Rust and Mould"
"White Bread with Ketchup"
June 17 Laurie Kallis Anna Konareva "Lattes and Ballet Classes"
June 24 Laurie Kallis Rana Darwish "Online Test"
"Airport Standby"
"First Date"
July 1 Virginia Ashberry Nicola Holmes "One of the Boys"
July 8 John Dunford Evangeline Torres Sled "Prayer One"
"Cow Plops"
"Super Crush"
"Prayer Two"
"Baby Bok Choy"
July 15 John Dunford Evangeline Torres Sled

"Funny Day"
"Pork Chop I Do's"
"Whopper Goodbyes"
"Prayer Three"

July 22 Laurie Kallis Leah Jones "The 24"
"Bass and Alcohol"
"Red and Green"
July 29 Laurie Kallis Leah Jones "Small White Button"
"Medieval Dragons and Crayon Cats"
"Friday Traffic Jam"
Aug 5 Laurie Kallis "Then and Now Show"
Diane (Tiley) Donaghy
"E Pluribus Unum"
"My First Love"
"Factory Blues"
Aug 12 Virginia Ashberry Diane Donaghy "Ron and Helen"
Aug 19 Virginia Ashberry Arnie Achtman "Sub" Part Two
Aug 26 Laurie Kallis Emily Smith "The Fight"
      Elizabeth Clark "The Day Dad Died"
Sept 2 Laurie Kallis Shaan Gupta "Pokemon Cards"
"Where is the Frozen Cow"
Sept 9 Laurie Kallis Shaan Gupta "Attention"
"Molecular Templates"
Sept 16 John Dunford Michael Dzingala "Wisla River"
"The Shield"
Sept 23 John Dunford Michael Dzingala "We'll Play Halo in a Sec"
"Mr. and Mrs. Brooks"
"Pursuit in Vienna"
Sept 30 Laurie Kallis Michelle Kathryn Duklas "911"
"Extreme Unction"
Oct 7 Laurie Kallis Michelle Kathryn Duklas "Beets and Humber North"
"Wheelchair Races and Alzheimer Patients"
Oct 18 Virginia Ashberry Zeenat Mohamed "The Swim Teacher"
"Mr. Jean Baptiste"
Oct 25 John Dunford Laurie Kallis "Today"
      Shane Driver "The Perfect House"
Nov 1 John Dunford Shane Driver "The Call"
"Thank You"
Nov 8 John Dunford Shane Driver "Goodbye"
"Not Again"
Nov 15 Laurie Kallis Donna Kakonge "Yari Yari"
Nov 22 Laurie Kallis Franky Dias "A Spectral Swordfight, the Alvares Spinsters, Dukor Dorju and Silent Salvador: An Excerpt from The Taste of Water: A Novel
Nov 29 Laurie Kallis Robert Osborne "The Fish"
"Across the Street"
Dec 6 Laurie Kallis Mark Bialy "Grandpa's Visit"
      David Penhale "The Visit"
Dec 13 Virginia Ashberry Renate Kellhammer "The Day a Bomb Hit Our House"
"The Christmas Angel"
"The Last Days"
Dec 20 Virginia Ashberry Diane Donaghy "Room For Rent"
"A Special Day"
Dec 27 Laurie Kallis Nancy Chong "The Christmas Turkey"