life rattle show no. 1199

Presented on Sunday, april 8, 2012


Hosted by virginia Ashberry


Rocco Racco reading his stories
"Study Time"

tonight's Show

Tonight, Life Rattle No. 1199, brings us two new stories from Rocco Racco.
Rocco read his story “Rosario” at last year’s Totally Unknown Writer’s Festival. Tonight’s two stories continue his theme of contemplation on human weakness. “Alone” takes us on a solitary, but sensual romp through romantic Rome. “Study Time” is a classic tale of procrastination…on steroids.

Rocco Racco, the elder of three children, was born in Brockton Village in the west end of Toronto's Little Italy. His father bid farewell to the bustling shore of Messina, Sicily in 1960 to meet his sweetheart and new life in Canada. The mighty Vulcania left its wake in the warm blue waters of the Mediterranean, battled the frigid white-capped waters of the Atlantic, and after 12 days, came to rest upon the beckoning unfamiliar shore of Pier 21, Halifax Harbour.

Rocco has worked 24 years as an English teacher, Department Head of English, and Principal of Adult and Continuing Education. Besides completing post-graduate studies in education, he spends his time capturing the flavours and sounds of life through his writing. He continues to travel and experience life in different areas of the world. He lives with his wife and three children in Woodbridge, Ontario.

These stories contain situations and language that some people may find offensive. Listener discretion is advised.