life rattle show no. 1188

Presented on Sunday, January 22, 2012


Hosted by Virginia Ashberry


Sultan Ameerali reading his story
"One Night in a Basement Apartment"

tonight's Show

Tonight's program, Life Rattle No. 1188, is the final of a thre program series featuring work by Sultan Ameerali.

For the past two shows, we’ve heard Sultan Ameerali deliver comedic stories about what he refers to as bottom feeder jobs: security guards, assembly line food handlers, convenience store clerks. Ameerali’s stories are often short and focus on a specific event or situation in the work place, with sharp dialogue and filled with attitude. Tonight’s story, “One Night in a Basement Apartment” is a longer work, imbued with dark observations and emotion. This story is arranged in a series of flash backs intercut with the present tense of the title.

Sultan Ameerali was born in Toronto in 1977, the third of four boys. His father’s work as a civil engineer took the Ameerali family to Saudi Arabia when Sultan was two. They stayed in Saudi Arabia for 5 years before returning to Scarborough. After graduating from U of T in math and physics, Ameerali then switched to journalism at Centennial College.

Please be advised that tonight's story contains scenes and language that some people may find offensive. Listener discretion is advised.