life rattle show no. 1223

Presented on Sunday, September 23, 2012


Hosted by John Dunford


"We'll Play Halo in a Sec"
"Mr. and Mrs. Brooks"
"Pursuit in Vienna"
by Michael Dzingala

tonight's Show

Tonight, we present three more stories from new Life Rattle writer, Michael Dzingala.

Michael Dzingala was born in 1991 in Oakville, Ontario, to Polish parents. He has lived in Oakville his entire life. Michael is currently in his final year of undergraduate study at university, taking biology and chemistry, and hopes to one day make it medical school. Apart from writing, Michael enjoys drawing, soccer, tennis and golf, and spending time with his nineteen- and four-year-old sisters and his friends.

The stories you will hear tonight are deceptively simple. Michael skillfully notes details and observations of people and landscapes that reveal a lot more is going on than it may first appear.

Tonight’s first story is a hilarious account of a high school friend who invites Michael over to his house to play the latest edition of the vido game Halo.

Our second story takes place in a hospital in Oakville where Michael, as an admissions volunteer, helps an elderly woman accompanying her husband.

Our third story, is a behind-the-scenes look at the cloak-and-dagger episode in which three promising hockey brothers from then Communist Slovakia are whisked away from their team in Vienna. Their destination—Canada and the NHL.

Note: Tonight's first story contains strong language and situations that some may find offensive. Listener discretion is advised.