life rattle show no. 1218

Presented on Sunday, August 19, 2012


Hosted by Virginia Ashberry


"Sub" Part Two
by Arnie Achtman

tonight's Show

Tonight, on Life Rattle #1218, we have the second half of a story from Life Rattle founder Arnie Achtman. The first half of this story was aired August 21st, last year, on Life Rattle Program No. 1166. We here at Life Rattle are nothing, if not reliable…you can count on us to complete a series… okay, we are slow, but we are reliable. So, we are going to listen to the second part of Arnie’s story, “Sub” tonight. It takes us through the experiences of a brand new teacher. We all know the student side, so it’s fascinating to hear what’s going on at the front of the class.

Arnie Achtman was born in 1948, in Montreal. Achtman worked as a store clerk, a short-order cook, a dance studio caretaker, an independent performance artist, an actor and taught Expressive Writing at George Brown College and the University of Toronto. Achtman worked together with Guy Allen for twenty-five years to teach and promote their vision of non-fiction narrative storytelling and writing as a form of community activism. Achtman broadcast the first Life Rattle radio show on February 6, 1988. Achtman and Allen collaborated with many others to build the Life Rattle Radio Program, Life Rattle Press, a nonprofit publisher of new writers, and the well-known Totally Unknown Writers Festival. Arnie Achtman died on March 7, 2005 of Lung Cancer.

This story may contain language and content that some listeners may find offensive, so listener discretion is advised.