life rattle show no. 1195

Presented on Sunday, March 11, 2012


Hosted by Laurie Kallis


Kate Scroggie reading her stories
"Big Potatoes"
"The Pink Chevette"

tonight's Show

Tonight, on Life Rattle No. 1195, we bring you two Life Rattle Classics written and read by Kate Scroggie.

This week I searched through the Life Rattle archive of stories on cassette tape, looking for material suitable to acknowledge upcoming St. Patrick’s Day. Kate Scroggie’s story, “Big Potatoes,” caught my eye. I connected the potatoes, to the Great Famine, to the Irish, to St. Paddy. Though the connection to St. Patrick’s day is a bit of a stretch, I did rediscover some fine writing.

In these two stories, Scroggie's elegant prose completely engages us through the narrators viewing of a religious television program, and retelling of a surprising visitor at a tree planting camp.

The two stories you will hear tonight, written and read by Kate Scroggie, and the two stories we will broadcast next week, were recorded and broadcast by Arnie Achtman in 1991. Our records from the earliest years of the Life Rattle Radio Program are incomplete. Unfortunately, I cannot locate any further information for tonight’s writer.

So please, if you are out there Kate Scroggie, get in touch with us!