life rattle show no. 1221

Presented on Sunday, September 9, 2012


Hosted by laurie kallis


"Molecular Templates"
by Shaan Gupta

tonight's Show

Tonight, we present two more stories from new Life Rattle writer, Shaan Gupta.

Shaan Gupta, was born in 1990 in Mississauga, Ontario. His family moved to Thunder Bay when he was five and returned to Mississauga a year later. Growing up, Shaan always felt like he had four parents—his mom, his dad and his two older sisters (ten and eleven years his senior). He grew up with plenty of conflicting career advice from his four parents but ultimately chose to pursue a career in medicine. Shaan expects to be in school for a long time. He’s earned a health science and chemistry undergraduate degree in Biology and now plans to spend a couple of years in cancer research for his graduate studies. Then he will test his luck and apply to med school.

Shaan Gupta has written a series of stories—full of humour and heart— that show us the life of a suburban boy maturing into a young man. The stories we featured last week, began with a young boy and brought us up to a young adult working in Panama to set up village clinics.

This week, we are back in Canada.

Tonight's first story, "Attention," takes us to the old heart of Mississauga, at Dundas and Hurontario streets, where our narrator is filling quiet time at the elecronics store he works for—when all hell breaks loose.

Our second story, "Molecular Templates," has quite a different spin. When our narrator interviews a biology professor at University of Toronto Mississauga, he learns of the economics of cancer research, the merit of being tenacious and different, and, he gets the scoop on the doctor’s Aston Martin.