life rattle show no. 1204

Presented on Sunday, may 13, 2012


Hosted by Laurie kallis


Sara Middleton reading her stories
"The Lucky Dice"
"Eva Wilkens"

tonight's Show

Tonight, Life Rattle program No. 1204, features two new stories by new Life Rattle writer Sara Middleton.

Sara Middleton was born in Toronto in 1989 and raised in nearby Burlington, Ontario. She was very shy as a young person and found inspiration in playing the piano and reading novels. At age fifteen, life changed for Sara when she learned to engage with the world rather than just observe it. At seventeen, she started travelling and lived in several different cities before returning home to Burlington. Sara first attended college to study acting, but switched studies to pursue her love of English and writing.

Sara Middleton writes like an old soul for such a young writer. Her stories, often quiet and spare, allow the reader to draw their own conclusions, and she eschews the overuse of adjectives in favour of active verbs that propel her stories forward.

Tonight’s first story "The Lucky Dice" is a tale of two tangled relationships set amidst the characters who frequent a neighbourhood bar.

Our second story, "Eva Wilkens," is a powerful, moving account of a young German girl whose family opposes Hitler’s reign in Gross-Jestin, Germany, a small town that becomes a frontline between the Russians and the Germans in the final showdown of the Second World War.

Tonight's stories contains situations that are intense and disturbing. Listener discretion is advised.