life rattle show no. 1234

Presented on THURSDAY, DECEMBER 13, 2012


Hosted by virginia Ashberry


"The Day a Bomb Hit Our House"
"The Christmas Angel"
"The Last Days"
by Renate Kellhammer

tonight's Show

Tonight, Life Rattle Number 1234 features three stories by Life Rattle writer Renate Kellhammer.

Renate Kellhammer came to Canada in 1957, a year after her husband immigrated from Germany. After a month in Montreal, the couple moved to Kitchener where they lived for six years before settling in what is now Mississauga. Kellhammer raised three children while she worked part-time at a bank and went to university part-time, graduating with her B.A. in 1999. But it is her life before she came to Canada which form the basis for the stories we are going to hear on tonight’s program.
Renate Kellhammer has written a series of stories about growing up in Germany during the Second World War. Kellhammer was born in Stuttgart in 1933, the same year that Adolph Hitler was appointed chancellor of Germany. She spent the first twelve years of her life under Hitler’s Nazi dictatorship. By the time she was eight years old, as she writes in one of her stories, she did not know what peace meant and could remember only the hardship and destitution of war. Kellhammer’s stories take us behind the front lines and show in vivid scenes and incidents the deteriorating effects of war on the civilian population of the losing side.

Note: tonight's stories contain intense disturbing scenes. Listener discretion is advised.