life rattle show no. 1186

Presented on Sunday, January 8, 2012


Hosted by Virginia Ashberry


Sultan Ameerali reading his stories
"Night Shift at BK Variety"
"Sky Dome: Death of a Thousand Cuts"
"You Got a Hairy Back"

tonight's Show

Tonight, Life Rattle No. 1186, is the first in a series of programs featuring stories by one of our long-time favourite writers, Sultan Ameerali.

The first two stories of tonight's show come from a series Ameerali has written about what he refers to as bottom feeder jobs - convenience store cashier, security guard, fast food worker. Those of you familiar with the stories of Charles Bukowski will recognize the tough humour in Ameerali’s writing. The final story takes us in another direction, as Ameerali gives us relationship advice.

Sultan Ameerali was born in Toronto in 1977, the third of four boys. His father’s work as a civil engineer took the Ameerali family to Saudi Arabia when Sultan was two. They stayed in Saudi Arabia for 5 years before returning to Scarborough. After graduating from U of T in math and physics, Ameerali then switched to journalism at Centennial College.

Please note: tonight's stories contain subject matter suitable for adults only, and includes language that some listeners might find offensive. Parental discretion is strongly advised.