life rattle show no. 1205

Presented on Sunday, may 20, 2012


Hosted by Virginia Ashberry


Sonia Dhaliwal reading her stories
"The Sales Objective"
"Double Booking"

tonight's Show

Tonight, Life Rattle No. 1205, features three stories from a new Life Rattle writer, Sonia Dhaliwal.

Sonia Dhaliwal was born in Mississauga in 1990. She spent her toddler years in Ada, Ohio, where her father attended Pharmacy school. Next, her father’s residency took the family to Sioux Lookout, a small town in northern Ontario. The family, now larger with the arrival of twin siblings, eventually returned to Mississauga where Sonia’s father opened up a pharmacy. Sonia attended elementary, middle and high school in Mississauga until Ohio beckoned again. She spent two years and one academic quarter battling an intense pre-medical program in Ada before declaring herself confused.

After soul-searching in India with her mom, backpacking around Europe with her best friends, and attempting and failing the MCAT, Sonia decided to give university another try, this time in biology and professional writing. Between classes and studying, Sonia loves to practice yoga, cuddle with her dog, Tyson, and of course, writing her heart out.

The stories you will hear tonight speak of refreshing unabashed youthful choices. Dhaliwal’s accomplished delivery and brutal self-honesty will make these tales resonate for any of us who will admit to having been young themselves.

Tonight's stories contain situations and language that some listeners may find offensive. Listener discretion is advised.