1999 Life rattle Radio Program listings - Sundays at 9 p.m.

Jan 3 #555   Lisa Wiggins   "Martyrs and Saints"
Jan 10 #556   Nada Macesic   "Christmas in January"
Jan 17 #557   Pauline Stanley  

"Up in the Clubhouse"
"The Man With the Bleeding Arm"
"So Many Things"
"Mick and I"

Jan 24 #558   Lynda Reid   "Fathers"
"Young Again"
Jan 31 #559   Kwanza Msingwana   "Don't Let Me Perish A Stranger" Part One.
Feb 7 #560   Kwanza Msingwana   "Don't Let Me Perish A Stranger" Part Two.
Feb 14 #561   Ann Janzen   "Saturday Morning"
"Margaret at Thirteen"
"Mark at Forty-two"
Feb 21 #562   Kwanza Msingwana   "Don't Let Me Perish a Stranger" Conclusion.
Feb 28 #563   Ann Janzen   "Dad at Seventy-five"
"The Golden Years are Not For Sissies"
Mar 7 #564   Peggy Bristow   "Women From Bathsheba"
Mar 14 #565   Timothy Spain   "Monsieur Johnny"
Mar 21 #566   Denny Hunte   "The Barbershop" Part three. Read by Terence Saunders
Mar 28 #567   Denny Hunte   "The Immigration Papers" Read by Terence Saunders
      Emilio Sinopoli   "The Power of Love" Read by Hauk Masterson
Apr 4 #568   Andrea Davis   "Midnight Visits"
"Tuna Sandwiches"
"Locked Out"
Apr 11 #569   Andrea Davis   "My First Job"
Apr 18 #570   Kim Allison   "Delta Chelsea"
Apr 25 #571   Cynthia Campbell   "Evelyn"
"Lake Nepawan"
May 2 #572   Elizabeth Clark   "Santa and Other Likes"
"The Bike"
May 9 #573   Elizabeth Clark   "The Bike"
"Stone Quarry Secrets"
May 16 #574   Elizabeth Clark   "Chris or College"
May 23 #575   Lorraine Robbin   "Dinner at Tom's"
"The Mural"
May 30 #576   Lorraine Robbin   "The Mural"
"Blondie and Redhead"
June 6 #577   Lorraine Robbin   "The Yellow Dinghy"
      Sultan Ameerali   "Five Minutes with Tommy Middleton"
June 13 #578   Elizabeth Clark   "Girl's Day Out"
"The Day Dad Died"
June 20 #579   Sultan Ameerali   "Inside the Con Game: and the Con Man"
"Emasculated by an Eighty-year-old Woman"
"Lust on the Night Shift"
June 27 #580   Lorraine Robin   "I Don't Say"
July 4 #581   Sultan Ameerali   "Skydome: Death of a Thousand Cuts"
"Calling in Sick"
"Garbage Man Selling DuMauriers"
July 18 #582   Stacey Doherty   "The Bay"
      Lorrain Robbin   "Lessons With Nana"
July 25 #583   Juan Alas   "My Brother, My Dog and Me" read by Guy Allen
"Wrong Decision" read by Guy Allen
"El Cafetal" read by Guy Allen
Aug 8 #584   Juan Alas   "My Brother's Death" read by Guy Allen
"Belize" read by Guy Allen
Aug 15 #585   Juan Alas   "March 11" read by Guy Allen
"St. George" Part one. Read by Guy Allen
Aug 22 #586   Juan Alas   "St. George" Conclusion. Read by Guy Allen
"Dixie Downs" read by Guy Allen
      Sean Black   "Trouble"
Aug 29 #587   Cameron Beheshti   "Evelyn's Eyes"
Sept 5 #588   Elizabeth Clark   "Labour and Delivery"
      Lorraine Robbin   "Dinner at Tom's"
Sept 12 #589   Sarah Ward   "My First Boyfriend"
"My Last Confession"
Sept 19 #590   Sarah Ward   "Father"
Sept 26 #591   Albert Bekoe   "Scared"
"Biology with Ms. Fisher"
"Unwanted Member"
"Hooked Up"
Oct 3 #592   Albert Bekoe   "The Pick-Up"
"The Lord's Supper"
Oct 10 #593   Lorraine Robbin   "Critique"
Oct 17 #594   Terri Bocz   "My Brief Life in the Social Elite"
"Music Lessons"
Oct 24 #595       FundFest
Oct 31 #596   Terri Bocz   "Freshly Baked Chocolate Chip Cookies"
"Dinner at Home"
"Thank You"
Nov 7 #597   Peter Palladini   "Cell Phone"
"The Question, The Surprise"
"Joe's Donuts"
"Joe's Donuts Continued"
Nov 14 #598   Peter Palladini   "Christmas Dinner"
"The Coat Hanger"
Nov 21 #599   Elizabeth Clark   "Mom's"
      Lori Chown   "The Purple Bag"
Nov 28 #600   Elizabeth Clark   "Mom's"
      Sultan Ameerali   N/A
Dec 5 #601   Nancy Chong   "Christmas Turkey"
Dec 12 #602   Janine Burigana   "Jesus Christ, Kids, It's Christmas" an excerpt
Dec 19 #603   Janine Burigana   "Jesus Christ, Kids, It's Christmas" an excerpt
Dec 19 #604   Janine Burigana   "Jesus Christ, Kids, It's Christmas" adn excerpt