2004 Life rattle Radio Program listings - Sundays 9 p.m.

Jan 4 #811   Elizabeth Clark   "The Stove Pipe Hole"
"Girl's Day Out"
Jan 11 #812   Mike Faye   "Terry"
"Superman's First Flight"
"The Good Cart"
Jan 18 #813   Mike Faye   "Dan"
"The Number One Draw-Tite Salesman"
"The Last Day"
Jan 25 #814   Adam Giles   "Five Dollar Rebate"
Feb 1 #815   Valerie Campbell   "Busta Manatee"
      Kitty Molefe   "Storytelling"
Feb 8 #816   Denny Hunte   "The Barbershop" Conclusion
"The Immigration Papers"
Feb 15 #817   Eloi Minka   "The Misty Trail" Part one
Feb 22 #818   Eloi Minka   "The Misty Trail" Conclusion
Feb 29 #819   Philip M Nourbese   "Burn Sugar"
Mar 7 #820   Natasha Sigalov   "Little Sue and the Brown and Blue Flower Print Curtain"
"Where are You Daniel Ross"
Mar 14 #821   Natasha Sigalov   "A Severe and Bothersome Cough"
Mar 21 #822   Natasha Sigalov   "The Move"
"The Funeral"
Mar 28 #823   Rick Rhodes   "Pinned"
"Power Take Off"
Apr 4 #824   Victoria Martinez   "Lizard Stew"
Apr 11 #825   Seung Lee   "Closing Doors"
"Kung Fu Guy"
Apr 18 #826   Eloi Minka   "Operation Renewal"
Apr 25 #827   Rachel Sa   "Apple Picking"
"The Hockey Team"
May 2 #828   Rachel Sa   "A Family Dinner"
"The Tissue"
May 9 #829   Rachel Sa   "Reading Week"
"Duck Hunt at the Croc Rock"
May 16 #830   Carole Bracco   "Grey Nuns"
May 23 #831   Donna McFarlane   Division of Surgery Excerpts
May 30 #832   Raj Pabla   "Crossing the Ganges"
June 6 #833   Raj Pabla   "A Long Drive"
"Bananas and Beggars"
"Saturday Morning at McDonald's"
June 13 #834   Rosa Veltri   "Long Black Skirts"
June 20 #835   Denny Hunte   "The Tamarind Tree"
June 27 #836   Kwai Li   "Visiting Relatives"
      Jennifer Lee   "Beijing Heat"
July 4 #837   Virginia Ashberry   "Jasmine Tea"
July 11 #838   Sultan Ameerali   "Garbageman Selling DuMaurier's"
"Night Shift at BK Variety"
"You Got a Hairy Back"
July 18 #839   Marie Margis   "The Harvest"
July 25 #840   Tracey Gonneau   "Identity"
"The Bachelorette Party"
Aug 1 #841   Laurie Kallis   "In My Head"
Aug 8 #842   Laurie Kallis   "August 3rd: A Friday at Tusk Gallery"
Aug 9 #843   Laurie Kallis   "August 10: Another Friday at Tusk Gallery"
Aug 16 #844   Sean Black   "Clown Rage"
Aug 23 #845   Elizabeth Clark   "The Day Dad Died"
      Denny Hunte   "The Home Visit"
Aug 30 #846   Selina Africaine   "Bill"
"The Roti Shop"
      Sultan Ameerali   "Skydome: Death of a Thousand Cuts"
Sept 5 #847   Laurie Kallis   "Today"
      Lorraine Robbin   "Yes, Sorry, Thank You"
Sept 12 #848   Claire Saunders   "Norm"
Sept 19 #849   Claire Saunders   "Something Blue"
"Lemon Soother"
"Numb" Part one
Sept 26 #850   Clair Saunders   "Numb" Conclusion
"The Lawyer"
Oct 10 #851   Teresa Coome   "Forgotten"
      Marie Margis   "Bobby and Pinky"
Oct 17 #852   Peter Palladini   "Cell Phone"
"The Coat Hanger"
"Christmas Dinner"
Oct 31 #853   Damian Mangat   "Brighton"
Nov 7 #854   Virginia Ashberry   "Heat"
Nov 14 #855   Victoria Martinez   "Fifty Dollars a Night"
"The Mumps:
Nov 28 #856   Seung Lee   "Reincarnation"
Dec 5 #857       No Show Due to Technical Problems
Dec 12 #858   Janine Burigana   "Jesus Christ, Kid's It's Christmas" Part one
Dec 19 #859   Janine Burigana   "Jesus Christ, Kid's It's Christmas" Part two
Dec 26 #860   Janine Burigana   "Jesus Christ, Kid's It's Christmas" Conclusion