life rattle show no. 1313

Presented on THURSDAY, September 4, 2014


hosted by Virginia Ashberry


by Katherine McQuaid



tonight's Show

Life Rattle No. 1313 features a Life Rattle classic story, written and read by Katherine McQuaid.

Katherine McQuaid was born in Toronto in 1976. The McQuaid family moved to Mississauga in 1993, when Katherine was in grade eleven. She went on to university where she studied biology and psychology.

"Roommate"is one story in a series that Katherine McQuaid has written about a family catastrophe.

While shovelling snow from a neighbour’s driveway, the father, Ken, suffers a sudden stroke and falls into a coma. The narrator, K.R., the eldest of three children, documents the intensity of the family bond. One of the father’s doctors credits family support in helping Ken to improve beyond medical expectations.

At the same time McQuaid shows the helplessness of the family members as they struggle to continue with their own lives despite this massive upheaval and ordeal.