life rattle show no. 1307

Presented on THURSDAY, July 17, 2014


hosted by Laurie Kallis


"Sour Patch Kids"
"Ice Cream"
by David Kee



tonight's Show

Life Rattle No. 1307 features three new stories from Life Rattle writer David Kee.

David Kee was born in Toronto, in 1990. He grew up around Victoria Park, moved to Markham for high school, then Mississauga for university. David had moments of deep depression during his teenage years until he started speaking and listening to other people, people with real problems. David practices lucid dreaming to delve deeper into his imagination and mine nuggets of ideas for his painting and writing. He also enjoys basketball, Japanese animations, pre-90s music, listening to George Carlin, scribbling rants in his journal, and awkward conversations.

This is our second podcast featuring the stories of David Kee. Tonight’s stories are quite different from the three, more serious, stories we presented on Life Rattle Program No. 1296.

Although tonight’s stories are presented from a more humorous standpoint, you will discover a gravity in each that catches you by surprise. Beneath the comedy, these stories share a dangerous edge that leaves you feeling unsettled. Unexpectedly so. In a way that reminds me of the writing of Raymond Carver.

In "Sour Patch Kids" we see the bloom of fresh romance as a young couple sit in a park and discuss seemingly frivolous topics.

"Ice Cream" peeks into the same relationship some time later…when underlying tension rises during an innocent evening of ice cream eating and movie watching.

"Sushi" expands the cast of characters in tonight’s final story to include a group of young men gathered together at a friend’s place to take it easy, drink shots and eat sushi…but still, at the core of the story, runs the romance we followed in the first two stories.


Please Note: Tonight's stories contain strong language. Listener discretion is advised.