life rattle show no. 1296

Presented on THURSDAY, march 13, 2014


Hosted by laurie kallis


"Rain Ghosts"
"The Bird"
"The Rose Merchant"
by David Kee

tonight's Show

Life Rattle Program No. 1296 features three stories by new Life Rattle writer David Kee.

David Kee David Kee was born in Toronto, in 1990. He grew up around Victoria Park, moved to Markham for high school, then Mississauga for university. David had moments of deep depression during his teenage years until he started speaking and listening to other people, people with real problems. David practices lucid dreaming to delve deeper into his imagination and mine nuggets of ideas for his painting and writing. He also enjoys basketball, Japanese animations, pre-90s music, listening to George Carlin, scribbling rants in his journal, and awkward conversations.

Listeners are in for a real treat tonight. Not only does David Kee write with an incredibley smooth, flowing style, but each story is imbued with a wonderful generosity of spirit - just the ticket to uplift our souls when we are all faced with this winter that just won’t end.

"Rain Ghosts" is a gentle tale of a young man who conspires to lift the spirits of his babysitting charge, a sensitive young lady fearful that the rain will turn into a thunder storm.

"The Bird" centres around a young artist who suffers the effects of overexposure to toxins, and her friend, a young man who puzzles over the meaning and subject of an abstract painting, and worries about the wellbeing and future of its creator.

"The Rose Merchant" brings us to Guatemala City where our narrator is visiting family. Along with him, we venture into a city market. There we meet an inspiring, young purveyor of not-so-fresh cut flowers and her younger brother, a shoe shine boy, both of whom must work for their survival.