life rattle show no. 1289

Presented on THURSDAY, january 2, 2014


Hosted by Virginia ashberry


"A Heater and a Fan"
by Rosa Veltri

tonight's Show

Tonight, our featured story is a Life Rattle classic by Rosa Veltri.

Rosa Veltri was born in Toronto in 1976, the youngest of three and the only daughter. Her parents, both born in Italy, married before coming to Canada in 1971. Rosa grew up in Mississauga where she also worked part-time all through high-school and her experiences formed the basis for the story we are going to hear this evening. Veltri graduated from the University of Toronto 1999.

Veltri writes in a direct, unadorned prose style. She avoids comment or melodrama. She lets the characters’ own actions and words reveal the undercurrents in their enclosed, intense little world.

Veltri has written a series of stories about working for a family owned grocery store. Veltri’s stories illuminate the suffering of the workers and the excesses of the owners.

In tonight's featured story, "A Heater and a Fan," the workers attempt to form a Union.

This podcast should be compulsory listening for every Political Science Student. It is an accurate, complete, true and, unfortunately classic example of virtually every first attempt to Unionize.