life rattle show no. 1312

Presented on THURSDAY, august 28, 2014


hosted by laurie kallis


"The Punchline"
"Uh Oh"
by Bridget Poole

by Anne Yendell



tonight's Show

Life Rattle No. 1312 features two new Life Rattle writers: Anne Yendell and Bridget Poole.

Bridget Poole was born in Oakville, Ontario, during the winter of 1993, into a blended family, including two daughters from her mother’s and father’s previous marriages. When Bridget was fifteen, the death of her mother left Bridget and her family in disarray. Bridget is learning to deal with her grief through her Christian faith.

Bridget Poole currently lives in Mississauga, where she is completing her undergraduate studies in art. After graduation, Bridget hopes to pursue a master’s degree and continue missionary work.

The sharp observations and quirky humour in Bridget’s writing bring a high level of engagement to her stories.

In "The Punchline," a middle-school student, glad for the opportunity to escape the classroom, volunteers to run an errand. She is put on the spot by an imperious teacher who demands compensation for the interruption of his class—in the form of entertainment.

"Uh Oh" offers a glimpse of the frustrations of working retail when an irrational patron pushes the “customer is always right” approach to the limit.

Our second reader tonight is Anne Yendell.

The daughter of a British soda pop executive, Anne Yendell, a New Yorker, travelled the world from an early age. She lived in Tokyo, London, Johannesburg, Montreal and Toronto, where she met her first and current husband. After fifteen years in advertising, new product development and magazine publishing, Anne delighted in the decade she spent at home with their two children.

Anne's passion for books and children's literacy have recently inspired her to pursue both her Ph.D in Curriculum Studies and Teacher Development and a writing career.

In "Campfire," the elegance of Anne’s prose juxtaposes magically with the subject of her narrative: an American girl stricken ill as she embarks on a group camping trip in Japan. From the ruckus of a Tokyo train station to the silence of a forest, Anne surrounds our feverish young narrator with a haunting, surreal atmosphere.