life rattle show no. 1324

Presented on THURSDAY, november 27, 2014


hosted by Laurie Kallis



"The Puzzle"
"The Desk"
"The Phone Call"
by Andrew Lobo



tonight's Show

Life Rattle No. 1324 features three stories by new writer Andrew Lobo.

Andrew Lobo was born in Mississauga, in 1992, and raised there with his elder brother and sister, Nicholas and Danielle. Chris, his father, was born in Uganda but grew up in Goa, India. Amy, his mom, was born in Bombay, India. Andrew became a vegan in 2012 and later that year chose a life of sobriety.

Andrew Lobo, who studies French and professional writing, loves nature, exercise and spending time with his friends and family.

The prose of Andrew Lobo manages to combine a quirky light touch with breathtaking gravity and you'll find that the heart of his stories often lies in what is left unsaid. Andrew doesn’t deliver pat answers. He gives us just enough, and makes what he gives us real enough, to leave us pondering.

In "The Puzzle," rainy weather drives two brothers to the basement to play dodgeball. When a puzzle is knocked over in the fray, the boys are confronted by their angry father. What follows is a confounding study of the complex relationships between a father and two sons.

"The Desk" takes place in a high school. When a teacher challenges her students to explain how a desk was vandalized, contradicting confessions cause a stir.

"The Phone Call" begins and ends with a young man alone in bed. What happens in between gently broaches the affect of depression.