life rattle show no. 1323

Presented on THURSDAY, november 20, 2014


hosted by Laurie Kallis



"Rare Cards"
by Rob Redford



tonight's Show

Life Rattle No. 1323 features three stories by new writer, Rob Redford.

Rob Redford was born in 1991 in Mississauga, Ontario, to a family that’s lived in Canada for several generations. Although Rob knows little of his family heritage, his mother’s ancestors hail from various parts of the United Kingdom, including England and Ireland. His father was adopted, rendering half of Robert’s heritage an almost-complete mystery.

Rob, who currently resides in a house in Mississauga with a group of close friends, studied psychology at university, and is currently employed as a research assistant in a psychology lab. Hobbies of Rob’s include stand-up comedy (both watching it and performing it), playing music, and listening to podcasts.

Rob Redford has just started to perform duties as a DJ for a new radio show with his friend, and is enjoying a period of post-graduation free from stress and full of contemplation and writing.

With lean prose, Rob Redford deftly tackles both heavy subject matter and a big-hearted character sketch with equal ease. He does not amplify or underscore the gravity of the situations he draws for us. Instead, he writes with an unadorned style that allows us our own perception.

In "Rare Cards," a boy teaches his school friends about the world of sex from the lessons he learns watching late night adult television and about a different kind of illness, from the lessons his mother, who suffers from depression, imparts during a hospital stay.

In "Genesis," the home where their father lives after sustaining a brain injury, Genesis Lodge, is an aptly named location for a brother and sister to meet an older half-sibling whose existence they have only recently learned of.

"Colin" provides brilliant sketch of a young man with a wide open character that is just too effusive and full of life for the stuffiness of the big city people he rails against in his hometown of Mississauga.