life rattle show no. 1300

Presented on THURSDAY, April 24, 2014


With Guest Host john currie


"Dinosaur Bones"
by Alexandra Geddes

"Somewhere Special"
by Robert Jones

"Stars and Dad"
by John Currie



tonight's Show

Life Rattle Program No. 1300 we bring you the second of our two part Earth Day series, featuring three new stories by Life Rattle writers Alexandra Geddes, Robert Jones and John Currie.

While art as a response to environment is no new thing, the writing you will hear carries freshness and subtlety. Perhaps just what we need in learning to look anew at ourselves as visitors on and stewards of this planet.

Our first writer, Alexandra Geddes, grew up next to a field in Caledon, Ontario. Born in Toronto in 1992, Alex is a sixth-generation Canadian, with her ancestors arriving in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia over 150 years ago. Alex decided to practice writing at a young age. At the age of four, she “sold” her first picture book to neighbors. She has since furthered her writing career, publishing pieces in several different books and magazines. Alex Geddes now focuses her research on the global economy and financial journalism.

"Dinosaur Bones" brings us to a moment when our narrator's father has just returned from Florida with boxes of artifacts. The observing, restrained narrator Geddes wonderfully captures the exchange around these items—no doubt a memorable one.


Our second writer, Robert Jones, was born in Mississauga's Credit Valley Hospital on June 30th, 1993. He is a Canadian of primarily Welsh ancestry. Robert is interested in politics, government, and law, and he aspires to become a legal professional. Robert Jones enjoys chess, photography, and Texas Hold’em poker.

"Somewhere Special" takes us with him and his pals on a secret visit to his family cottage. Bringing us there with all senses, the piece takes a turn the morning after to a place many of us have felt, a special place where beauty and companionship can renew us.


Our final writer and guest host, John Currie, loves writing and teaching writing. Lately, he’s been figuring out what it means to surround himself with writing and writers, to talk a lot about writing, try new things, give and receive feedback, get rejected and walk on. Born in Toronto, his relatives came to Canada from England, Scotland, Ukraine and Poland in the early part of the twentieth century. Currie has worked as a professional writer and photographer in East Africa and Northern Ontario. He has two young sons and an awesome Peruvian woman.

In "Stars and Dad" we meet a father, a son and a rare moment of awe after the sun has set.