life rattle show no. 1293

Presented on THURSDAY, february 13, 2014


Hosted by laurie kallis


"Italian Leathers"
"The Ambush Crew"
"R. L. Fletcher Bicycle Repair"
by Nicholas Tsangarides

tonight's Show

Life Rattle Program No. 1293, features three stories by new Life Rattle writer Nicholas Tsangarides.

Nicholas Tsangarides was born in 1989, in Toronto, to Cypriot and Chinese parents. His parents were illegally married in South Africa under apartheid and emigrated from Port Elizabeth to Toronto.

Nicholas has a degree in philosophy and history of religion. His passion for wandering has led him cycling to Montreal, Vancouver and San Francisco. Nicholas Tsangarides is currently enrolled in teachers college and hopes to teach in a Toronto elementary school.

All three of tonight’s featured stories demonstrate the uncommon enthusiasm Nicholas Tsangarides has for living life to the fullest and throwing himself whole-heartedly into his passions. As an author, his thoughtful observations and insights engage us and share insider views that we might otherwise not have considered.

"Italian Leathers" follows a young man into a butcher shop, where we pass tidy cuts of meat lined up in display cases and then enter the back rooms, where workers at the slaughterhouse stations and on the killing floor question his desire to be a butcher.

"The Ambush Crew" reveals the influence of Tsangarides’ family background when we are introduced to the original concept of a skinhead. Then, dangerous complications arise when members of a group of “SHARPs,” Skinheads Against Racial Prejudice, are confused with members of a white supremacist group because of their similar appearance.

"R. L. Fletcher Bicycle Repair" takes us on the road with three friends cycling from Toronto to Montreal. On route we learn much more than group cycling techniques from both our narrator and an extraordinary cycling enthusiast in his seventies.