life rattle show no. 1297

Presented on THURSDAY, march 27, 2014


Hosted by laurie kallis


"The Sleet Storm"
by Sarah E. Truman



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Life Rattle Program No. 1297 features a story by new Life Rattle writer Sarah E. Truman.

Sarah E. Truman was born in Brampton, Ontario, the younger of two children, to a British mother and Canadian father. She has lived in five Canadian provinces, the United Kingdom and China, and has worked as a magazine editor, long-haul driver and teacher. Truman studied English and philosophy as an undergraduate, education as a master’s student, and is currently a PhD candidate in Curriculum Studies and Book History and Print Culture. Her hobbies include qigong, walking as an artistic practice, real ale, and philosophizing.

Sarah brings an extraordinarily diverse skill set to her writing.
“The Sleet Storm” like all good writing, lifts us from our own realm of experience and sets us down in a different place and time—in the driver’s seat of a transport truck, in the heart of a sleet storm, on a dark highway in northern Ontario.
And, without releasing us for a moment from the building tension, Truman slips in some sound lessons in driving.