life rattle show no. 1309

Presented on THURSDAY, august 7, 2014


hosted by Virginia ashberry


"Springer's HIll"
"My Encounter with Lanky"
"Baiting Lizards"
"Killing Dinner"
by Jennifer Bechard



tonight's Show

Life Rattle No. 1309 features four Life Rattle classics from Jennifer Bechard.

Jennifer Bechard was born the middle of three daughters in St. Joseph Parish, Barbados, in 1955. She attended public schools in Barbados until she was fourteen, then moved with her family to Montreal in 1970. Jennifer finished high school in 1973, then worked in the investments department of a trust company, and later for a medical supply company. In 1980 Jennifer Bechard gave birth to a son. She raised him as a single mother and in 1986 they moved to Toronto. Jennifer married in 1990 after living with her partner for two years.

In four short stories, Jennifer Bechard brings us a glimpse of her life, growing up on an idyllic farm in rural Barbados. Bechard speaks with the true, honest voice of a young girl facing up to growing up. Sure, there is lots of hard work, a mean cousin, and a nasty teacher who wields a vicious strap that has its own, even nastier, personality, but mostly there is family love, pride and support.

The stories featured on tonight's show haven’t been aired since 1992. Because these recordings have been transferred from audio cassette, the quality of the sound may not be top quality, but the stories are too good to leave on the shelf.