life rattle show no. 1305

Presented on THURSDAY, June 26, 2014


hosted by Laurie kallis


"A Blind Duck"
"Parking Lot 8"
by Jessica Zurawicki




tonight's Show

Life Rattle Program No. 1305 features two stories from new Life Rattle writer Jessica Zurawicki.

Jessica Zurawicki was born in 1991 in Missisauga and raised with her sister in Toronto. While in university, Jessica developed a passion for business and is now completing her Masters of Industrial Relations and Human Resources. Outside of her professional life, Jessica enjoys art, music, and dance. She has danced in musicals and catches almost every musical that comes to Toronto.

Jessica Zurawicki lives in Toronto, a city she loves for its multiculturalism, and the availability of foods from many cultures, Korean, Ethiopian, Italian, Thai, and her favourite—sushi.

Jessica Zurawicki writes refreshingly bright prose from the perspective of a young woman struggling in the face of university responsibilities and a new relationship.

Our first story, "A Blind Duck," takes us to a university “sex pub.” There we experience that awkward self-conciousness and the doubts we all face when we put ourself out there to make a connection with a potential romantic partner.

Even good relationships have difficult moments. Tonight’s second story, "Parking Lot 8," focuses in on an emotionally charged scene between two young lovers faced with the stress of demanding schedules.