life rattle show no. 1315

Presented on THURSDAY, September 18, 2014


hosted by john Dunford


by Sadaf Saleem



tonight's Show

Life Rattle No. 1315 features two stories by new writer Sadaf Saleem.

Sadaf Saleem was born in 1985 in Lahore, Pakistan, where her father was an electrical engineer and her mother a stay-at-home mom. She has two brothers and a sister. The family immigrated to Canada when Sadaf was a teenager, and struggled to adjust, but found their footing when her father opened a business in the electrical engineering field.

Close to completing her degree in life sciences, Sadaf enjoys the study of human anatomy and physiology, as well as travelling and trying different cuisines. After overcoming her fear that she could not “handle” languages, Sadaf has discovered a love for writing.

Sadaf Saleem was married on August 22nd of this year, and she and her husband, Ashhar, are living in Ohio for a few months, after which, Sadaf intends to pursue the career in health care that she has always dreamed of.

Whether it’s a childhood crisis or an adult trauma, Sadaf Saleem’s use of interior dialogue gives us great insight into her character’s behaviour.

In "Hide-and-Seek," a young girl and her two brothers play unsupervised for the first time, with near fatal results.

"Ashhar" portrays a young woman who suffers severe injuries in a car accident. While she is in a coma, her brother’s friend, who helps to nurse her and supports her family, falls in love with her.