life rattle show no. 1308

Presented on THURSDAY, July 31, 2014


hosted by Laurie Kallis


"The Wingwoman"
by Canya Selvakumar



tonight's Show

Life Rattle No. 1308 features two stories from new Life Rattle writer Canya Selvakumar.

Canya Selvakumare writes with a natural, easy flow that belies the complex subtext in her stories.

"Scrabble," anchored by a scene of family playing the familiar game, drifts in an out of the boardgame to brings us a series of vignettes that document the immediate, brutal impact of a marriage breakdown on the family unit.

"The Wingwoman" takes us out on the town, to a trendy bar on College Street in Toronto, with three young woman, including two who have been friends since childhood. Last call brings a stab of betrayal, subtle yet potent, that sours the night.