life rattle show no. 1295

Presented on THURSDAY, march 6, 2014


Hosted by virginia ashberry


"The King's Beloved"
by Rahul Sethi

tonight's Show

Life Rattle Program No. 1295 features three classic stories by Life Rattle writer Rahul Sethi.

Rahul Sethi was born in New Delhi - India - in 1983. At the age of six Sethi moved to Toronto with his parents and elder brother. At a young age Sethi developed a fondness for the arts. Sethi eventually attended the University of Toronto where he studied Professional Writing and Communication, then a postgraduate degree in Creative Writing at Cardiff University.

Three stories from Rahul Sethi bring us simple events from everyday life in a clear descriptive style that will have you shivering when the door blows off, holding your nose by the shitwater creek, and in his third story, looking for the sweet surprise at the end.

"Door" Kids enjoy watching Mom and Aunt improvise a replacement door after their apartment door is blown off during a winter storm.

"Shitwater" a group of cousins compete in a sledding context.

"The King's Beloved" Husband, wife and kids all work together to establish a family business.

Please Note: Tonight's stories contain language that some listeners may find offensive. Listener discretion is advised.