life rattle show no. 1311

Presented on THURSDAY, august 21, 2014


hosted by laurie kallis


"The Chip Truck"
"Flower Girl"
by Jean Chung



tonight's Show

Life Rattle No. 1311 features two stories by new Life Rattle writer Jean Chung.

Jean Chung was born in Thunder Bay, Ontario, to Korean immigrant parents who taught her the value of hard work. By fourteen, her resume consisted of working at her parents’ convenience store, making French fries at a chip wagon and selling flowers door-to-door.

As a Toronto high school English teacher, Jean encourages students to use narrative to help construct their knowledge of the world around them, their understanding of themselves, and their relationships with others.

Jean Chung writes prose with subtle efficiency. With deceptively simple language, she presents a finely tuned narrative. Through almost imperceptible means, she conveys an expansive picture layered in nuance.

The stories you will hear tonight, were included in Fish Flies and Other Stories, and anthology published at the end of 2013 (under the pen name Jean Yoo).

Tonight's featured stories, written from the viewpoint of an adolescent girl, chronicle early experiences in the workplace.

In "The Chip Truck" our narrator’s relationship with her employer shifts as he displays a discomforting interest in her physical development.

"Flower Girl" follows our narrator through a day of selling flowers door-to-door. As her story unfolds, we grow to understand the financial circumstances of this young woman’s family and that the cash she brings home at the end of the day provides more than pocket money.

Please Note: Tonight's stories contain strong language and adult situations. Parental discretion is advised.