life rattle show no. 1301

Presented on THURSDAY, may 1, 2014


hosted by virginia ashberry


by Tamara Chandon



tonight's Show

Life Rattle Program No. 1301 features three stories from Life Rattle writer Tamara Chandon.

Tamara Chandon grew up in Toronto with her parents and two older brothers. She went to an arts high school where she majored in drama and then decided to study zoology in university. Chandon tells us that, after realizing that zoology would be a boring and tedious death sentence, she dropped out of science and moved on to theatre school. Once theatre school finished, Chandon tacked on a professional writing major to her degree.

Chandon then published her first book titled: Freezer Cats.

Freezer Cats contains a series of entertaining and disturbing stories about a year’s work as a veterinary assistant at a pet hospital. Chandon’s lively prose observes, with stark honesty, what lies beyond the sterile examining tables and white lab coats. What comes across is irreverent, loving, caring and crass. Just like anyone in any other profession, vets and their assistants are human.

The stories on tonight's show are from that book.

Please note: tonight’s stories include intense situations and language that some listeners might find disturbing. Parental discretion is advised.