life rattle show no. 1325

Presented on THURSDAY, december 4, 2014


hosted by virginia ashberry



"In Pencil Lightly"
by Janice Newton



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Life Rattle No. 1325 features one classic story by Janice Newton.

Janice Newton was born in Halifax, the third of four children in a family of two boys, then two girls. Shortly after her birth, the family moved to Toronto. Then there were many moves between Toronto, London, Cleveland and then back to London where Newton completed her high school. Janice Newton did three years of undergraduate studies at McMaster, and then moved to Dalhousie for her final year. She completed her M.A. and Ph.D. at York University, then went on to work as an associate Professor of Political Science and Women’s Studies at York University

Janice Newton has bravely shared this one story with Life Rattle listeners. "In Pencil Lightly" is an important and inspiring story, and one that I recommend to anyone who is supporting a friend with a terminal illness.

Newton illuminates with clarity and sensitivity the fact that we all live, and want to connect with others, every day until we die.