life rattle show no. 1175

Presented on Sunday, october 23, 2011


Hosted by laurie kallis


Donna Kakonge reading her story:
"Lizard in the Backyard"
Terri Bocz reading her story:
"Freshly Baked Chocolate Chip Cookies"



tonight's Show

For tonight's show, Life Rattle #1175, we present a new story by
Life Rattle writer Donna Kakonge, and a Life Rattle classic from 1999, by Terri Bocz.

Cookies play a central roll in both of tonight’s stories. In our first story, by Donna Kakonge, you can taste her Aunt Pansy’s shortbread treats, and your heart will melt as you get to know this eccentric character. In the second story, Terri Bocz brings us, not only a different kind of cookie – but a brilliant portrait of her Grandmother.

Our first writer tonight, Donna Kakonge, was born in 1972 in Kitchener-Waterloo, Canada. Her dad, from Uganda, has a PhD in biology and currently delivers newspapers for the Toronto Star and owns residential properties. Her mom, from St. Vincent and the Grenadines, studied psychology and sociology. Kakonge is the first born. Her brother Kevin works as an immigration officer and her sister Lisa works as a speech pathologist.

Kakonge, the aunt of two nieces, grew up and attended university in Toronto. She studied journalism at the undergraduate and graduate level, and currently studies curriculum, teaching and learning development at the doctoral level. She loves reading and writing, loves teaching and loves working in the world of education. Donna Kakonge is single and, for now, that helps her to focus on her career.

Kakonge’s writing, has a distinctive voice and rythym that brings her characters to vibrant life. The story you will hear tonight, “Lizard in the Backyard” was showcased in Toronto this week at the eighteenth annual Totally Unknown Writers Festival, and is included in this year’s collection.

Tonight's second reader, Terri Bocz, was born in Toronto in 1965, the second of four children. The family moved to Ottawa when Terri was two. Nine years later the family moved to Schomberg, a farming community north of Toronto, where they stayed for six years before moving to Ridgetown, a small town near Chatham. Bocz went to Royal Military College at Kingston for a year when she was nineteen, then traveled around Europe and the middle east for a year with a cousin. She returned to Ridgetown and worked in a home for ex-psychiatric patients to save money for university. Bocz studied landscape architecture at Guelph University for a year and a half before marrying and moving to Germany for four years. During this time in Europe the couple moved around a lot. They had two children born in England. The family returned to Canada in 1993 and settled in Mississauga. Terri Bocz returned to university that year to study philosophy and professional writing.