life rattle Radio show no. 1161

aired on CKLN Sunday, July 17, 2011


Hosted by Yanique Bird


Rosa Veltri reading her story:
"Long Black Skirts"
Sarah Ward reading her story:
"My First Boyfriend"

tonight's writers and stories

This week's Life Rattle Radio show features two young female protagonists dealing with awkward and sometimes dangerous love affairs.


Our first writer tonight, Rosa Veltri was born in Toronto in 1976, the youngest of three and the only daughter. Veltri’s parents, both born in Italy, married before coming to Canada in 1971. Her father worked at a Ford plant, and her mother worked at a steel factory. Veltri grew up in Mississauga. She graduated from the University of Toronto in 1999 and currently teaches with the Toronto district school board. Rosa Veltri is married and has a two year old daughter.

Veltri's "Long Black Skirts," tells of Donovan, a spastic, older, occasional pot user who believes in monogamy but not marriage. Veltri writes in a direct, unadorned prose style without comment or melodrama. Veltri lets the characters’ own actions and words reveal themselves and the undercurrents in this enclosed, intense little world.

Our second writer, Sarah Ward is a twenty-eight year old writer, born the elder of two girls in 1971 in Toronto. The family moved to Mississauga when Sarah was three, and she grew up and went to school there at the University of Toronto at Mississauga.

Ward's "My First Boyfriend," is a portrait of John, a volatile rollercoaster personality with violent lows. A drive to the potential in-law's sets the stage for this moving story. Ward uses everyday language to depict everyday incidents which slide quickly and easily into extreme situations where desperation rises from beneath the surface and characters struggle to understand and deal with their suddenly changed surroundings and perceptions.