life rattle Radio show no. 1153

Aired on CKLN FM 88.1 may 22, 2011


Hosted by virginia ashberry


Erika Bailey reading her stories:
"Last Train to Staplehurst"
"Dinner at Vaire's"

tonight's writer and stories

Erika Bailey, a canoeist, gardener, hiker, bicyclist, reader and writer, lives and works in Toronto. She holds a MA in Adult Education. Her writing explores narrative, artefact, embodied experiential learning of place and how personal stories impact environmental decision making.

In tonight's show, Bailey entertains us with a trip to Grandma’s house, where the kiddies are scullery maids, and I doubt anyone ever, even once, called the matriarch Granny. The story ends with wine glasses topped up and a pseudo-stink… (You’ll have to tune in to get that joke). Erika’s second story is a tipsy love letter to her father. An early Life Rattle Father’s Day salute.