writing history volume 4: local stories by new writers

collected and edited by Robert Grant Price and Shalini Nanayakkara

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Writing History: Local Stories by New Writers presents four histories researched and written by four new writers. These histories peer into the origins of landmarks in Mississauga and Cambridge, Ontario, and demonstrate the vibrant relevance of the past.

Discover the origins of Mississauga’s mega-mall Square One. Learn about the mysterious missing house on the University of Toronto Mississauga campus—and the one still standing. Encounter the strange history of the Preston Springs Hotel. And through the window of a tiny cottage called The Grange, see why heritage matters.


Isaac Maw



Cory Song

"Seven Tiny Stories About Mississauga"


Shalini Nanayakkara

"A History of The Grange"


Jessica Cabral




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ISBN 978-1-987936-49-0 (pkb.)

Writing history (Price)
Writing history : local stories by new writers / edited by Robert Grant Price and Shalini Nanayakkara.
(Life Rattle new writers series)
ISBN 978-1-987936-49-0 (softcover)
1. Ontario, Southern--History, Local.  I. Price, Robert Grant, editor
II. Nanayakkara, Shalini, 1996-, editor  III. Title.  IV. Series: Life Rattle new writers series
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